Benzene (C6H6)

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Benzene is available in our A58L and A116L size disposable calibration gas cylinders available here at MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment.  Higher concentration can be made available at reduced pressures.  Call us if you would like to evaluate a custom standard different than listed above.

Be sure to order the appropriate regulator for your application. Below are several of our most popular regulators for use with portable cylinders.  For reactive gas mixtures in aluminum cylinders, you must use stainless steel regulators.


Series 500 Regulator


Series 500 Fixed Flow Regulator
Aluminum Cylinders (CGA C-10)

Series 600 Multi-Flow Regulator
Aluminum Cylinders (CGA C-10)

Series 800 DFR

Series 800 Demand Flow Regulator
Aluminum Cylinders (CGA C-10)

Series 100 Small Body Regulator
Aluminum Cylinders (CGA C-10)



Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you need any assitance with your regulators selection.