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Specialty Gas Suppliers and Gas Supply Equipment

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is a leading calibration gas and specialty gas manufacturer focused on premium specialty gases, calibration gases and gas handling equipment. Our products are used across a broad range of instrument applications in laboratory, energy, research, development, petrochemical and refinery industries. Additional products manufactured include instrument grade support gases, calibration gas in small disposable cylinders, and gas handling equipment. Learn more about the work we do as specialty gas suppliers below.

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Custom Calibration Gas Standards:

As specialty gas suppliers, we manufacture a broad scope of high-quality custom calibration gas standards for use in laboratory, research and development (R&D), and industrial analysis applications.

Industrial Health and Hygiene Calibration Gas Standards:

For your purchasing convenience, we offer an entire product line of the most common disposable gas products located on the corresponding category page here.

Petrochemical and Refinery Gas Standards:

Areas of our specialty gases expertise include the manufacturing of a variety of petrochemical and refinery calibration gas standards in both the liquid phase and gas phase.

Environmental Gas Standards:

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides a number of Environmental Gas standards including EPA Protocol Gas used to ensure environmental safety, compliance and meet regulatory requirements.

Available BTU & RGA Gas Mixtures:

Do you need a small quantity of high quality calibration gas in a hurry? Take a look at our current stock of BTU and RGA calibration gases available for immediate delivery.

Instrument Grade Pure Gas:

Impurities can contaminate your instrument columns and reduce the sensitivity of your detectors. Protect these critical components by only using high quality pure gas appropriate for your application from MESA Specialty Gas.

Specialty Gas Handling Equipment:

MESA Specialty Gas offers a complete line of tools for gas supply equipment handling. Products include special diaphragms, high-purity seats and seals, multi-flow regulators, fixed regulators, and pressure regulators.

Gas Detectors and Gas Monitoring Equipment:

MESA’s gas supply equipment includes a complete line of fixed and portable gas detection and gas monitoring equipment allowing you to save both time and money through vendor consolidation.



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