Calibration Gas Safety & Health Standards


At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, our aim is to help our customers avoid causing any harm to people or the environment. We produce the highest quality custom specialty gas standards to improve the quality and safety of our customers’ products and services. We understand that in dealing with hazardous gases and monitoring equipment, precise calibration of safety monitoring equipment is paramount in ensuring the health and safety of employees and the environment.

At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we have decades of experience in delivering custom specialty gas standards that meet the most exacting purity standards for health and safety applications. Whether calibrating a Carbon Monoxide monitor for home or industrial use, or monitoring emissions or ambient air, a MESA custom specialty gas standard will ensure the highest level of analytical accuracy. We achieve this through our innovative proprietary cylinder processes, highly accurate NIST-traceable measurement and blending techniques, and our expert services.

All gases pose inherent hazards. Even oxygen and nitrogen, which we breathe every day, can be problematic if not properly handled and monitored such as in confined space monitoring. If you deal with hazardous materials, it is essential that you identify and understand all potential threats to the environment and your employees. To achieve this, every company should complete a unique hazardous plan which will help you identify and evaluate all safety, health and environmental hazards that your products and processes could potentially pose at all stages of production – from research and development through manufacturing, storage, transport, retail and usage, including recycling or disposal.