Laboratory Gas Cylinders

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing laboratory gas cylinders for mission-critical lab applications. Our customers' specialty gas concentrations vary from the PPB through percent levels and may be used in a variety of applications throughout the world. For many laboratories in the field of research and development, a unique custom specialty gas standard is at the heart of your processes. As laboratory gas suppliers, we understand that each laboratory has unique demands, which must be consistently met for accurate research, and our through our innovative passivation and blending techniques we are able to provide our customers the right specialty gas standard every time.

Your applications and gas specifications are extremely important for accurate results. Proper selection and assembly of your equipment can preserve the integrity of your gas analysis and continue to maintain peak efficiency of laboratory operations. High purity gas delivery systems may be contaminated through incompatible materials or materials permeable to gases, faulty seals, or by entry of air or impurities: moisture, dust, etc. while connecting or changing the cylinder. Invaluable experience conducting our own detailed analysis of raw material and finalized products grants MESA’s lab technicians a unique understanding of lab operations, and the needs of our laboratory-based customers.

MESA has been producing specialty gas mixtures and pure specialty gases as a laboratory gas supplier in refillable and non-refillable cylinders since the early 1990s. We offer a complete line of products, including pure gases to levels of 99.999% purity, multicomponent hydrocarbon mixtures, environmental, industrial hygiene, and special application mixes as well as a full line of high-quality gas delivery equipment. Many years of research experience lead to the development of many manufacturing and analytical techniques still used today in the specialty gas manufacturing field. These techniques have been refined throughout the years contributing to the success and reputation of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment.

At MESA we understand that consistency and timely delivery are key elements to laboratory operations. To meet these challenges, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment continues to develop innovative techniques and sustainable solutions, optimizing our experience and high-level laboratory staff in advancing our services. In addition, MESA has taken great strides in centralizing the manufacturing process to maintain quality control, ensuring our laboratory gas cylinders are not delayed.