Research and Development Gas Standards

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment has various custom research and development gas standards and calibration tools to ensure that your instrument or assay is working properly. If you require a custom specialty gas standard to fulfill highly specific qualifications, we have the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to customize these technologies to fit your individual needs. From precision custom specialty gas standards to pure gas standards that meet strict NIST criteria, MESA has the tools you need.

The addition of a performance test sample gives added value, especially for laboratory quality assurance programs. Whatever your specific requirements, MESA’s research and development gas standards provide a total solution to meet the needs of any quality systems. MESA custom specialty gas standards provide accurate values for calibrating your laboratory equipment. The specialty gas standards are created to your specifications, designed for optimal performance with your instrumentation, filled into a cylinder matching your specific pressure and quantity needs, and is packed together with our detailed Certificate of Analysis.


At MESA, we utilize our innovative blending and analytical techniques to provide you with valuable research and development gas reference standards. Our unique product range can be used for the characterization of the widest range of samples, materials, and applications with no compromise in data quality. Flexibility is an essential capability of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment. Each of our products undergoes precise phase calculation, detailed precision analysis, and a seven step quality assurance program, allowing us to produce unparalleled reliable custom specialty gas standards.

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment has built a vast range of products and innovative quality control products that have assisted our partners in expediting the development and commercialization of many new technologies. We are always interested in developing and fostering new partnerships with organizations engaged in products with a focus on unique technologies and new markets.