Custom Specialty Gas for Colleges & Universities

At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we have always worked one-on-one with universities, students, administrations to further education and research methods. Our custom specialty gases for colleges and universities have been instrumental across the country in public and private institutions, meeting the complex and unique requirements of today’s universities. We pride ourselves on our efforts to assist the research and development of universities by making our custom specialty gas standards affordable for any budget; and prepared with the experience required by advancing developments in analytical methods and ongoing field research.


MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is an international leader in delivering high-quality, custom specialty gases for colleges and universities. We take great pride in helping our college and university partners develop new research and development solutions side-by side-with our laboratory staff. We know first-hand that accurate specialty gases are essential in ensuring safe and accurate operation of equipment. MESA works closely with the students and faculty members served, to ensure any specialty gas standard certified by our lab meets our end users’ exact specifications.

To ensure our partners in education are able to maintain low-costs as budgets everywhere are being restricted, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment offers all students a 20% discount with purchases made through links on our website. We also custom tailor any cylinder, quantity, or certification accuracy to meet any budgetary requirements. With our high level of customization, and our needs-specific approach, MESA is able to provide our education partners with the specialty gas standards needed to continue their education and research efforts.

The dedicated professionals of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment routinely provide local and international institutions with university and college specialty gases. As with all MESA custom specialty gas standards, custom specialty gas standards for university use are produced gravimetrically, directly traceable to NIST standards, in cylinders passivated and blended according to our proprietary process. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment offers over 100 different cylinder options, from very light transportable cylinders through large refillable cylinders in both steel and aluminum to fulfill the wide array of education and research needs.