Hydrocarbon Analysis & Analytical Methods


Hydrocarbon analysis supports petroleum refining and oil gas exploration and production clients, helping them to optimize production, meet regulatory requirements and enhance refinery profitability. Using state-of-the-art hydrocarbon analysis methods, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment’s detailed hydrocarbon analytical capabilities allow for the production of highly accurate custom calibration standards for hydrocarbon analysis. 

Our custom specialty gas and liquid hydrocarbon calibration standards are ideal for calibrating instruments used to analyze trace impurities in petrochemical feedstreams, or to measure the composition of hydrocarbon product streams in natural gas processing. Mixtures are created using only the highest quality raw materials and are available in a nearly unlimited combination of compounds and concentrations. Our proprietary blending techniques and analysis ensure consistent and reliable certification accuracy. Available as a Certified Standard or Primary Standard, each product is NIST weight-traceable.

At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we understand that every field and facility has individual hydrocarbon composition and related issues. This is why we stress our flexibility and innovative techniques to develop customized testing packages for meeting our customers’ specific issues and requirements. Because of our experience in the petroleum and power industries, we understand and help our customers address the complex interaction of hydrocarbon compositions, and related emissions requirements for heavy oil production and compliance.