Custom Specialty Gas for The Energy Industry

MESA Gas creates custom specialty gas for the energy industry, which is a necessary part of calibrating and monitoring analytical systems. Read more about our processes and products below.

In fossil fuel power generation, environmental protection and combustion efficiency monitoring requires emission monitoring. Analytical certainty takes on a greater significance. Depending on the application and local environmental regulations, a number of gas components, typically CO2, CO, NOx and SO2 are monitored continuously in the flue gas at the stack, along with gas flow, temperature, and O2. In case of co‑incineration of alternative fuels, additional components such as HF, HCl, Hg and VOC may be required to be monitored as well. An effective calibration program will typically use a combination of traceable certified specialty gas standards and reference specialty gas standards such as EPA Protocol specialty gas calibration standards, with the traceable certified specialty gas reference serving as a daily monitor and the traceable EPA Protocol standard used at scheduled intervals when absolute accuracy is required such as in the case of regulatory monitoring and compliance reporting.

Energy MESA Specialty Gases

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides custom specialty gas standards for the energy industry. These are required to calibrate analytical systems and provide continuous monitoring of power plant processes across a wide range of industrial applications. With the help of a MESA custom energy specialty gas standard, concentrations of the gas components, can be monitored at various points in the plant, allowing variations in the process to be easily identified and optimized. With the proliferation of national and international quality standards, a company requires a wide spectrum of mandated measurement protocols specifying regular calibrations that require standards that are traceable to a national authority. At our state-of-the-art Santa Ana, CA facility, our highly sensitive NIST traceable scales and energy specialty gas standards ensure that your custom calibration gas standard meets your exact requirements. Through our careful planning and exhaustive proprietary analysis, MESA ensures the certainty of each component efficiently and consistently.

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment manufactures an extensive array of custom specialty gases for the energy industry to assist you with your calibration efforts. Each custom specialty gas standard is made to a rigorous set of internal specifications and serves as an excellent calibration artifact. Over 10 years of energy calibration experience has led to the development of many innovative manufacturing and analytical techniques utilized by our partners in the energy production industry. The relationships with our end users ensure the products you receive are best in class, tried and tested along with the latest innovations in manufacturing and analytical methods.