Employment Opportunities

Thank you for seeking employment opportunities with MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment.  For consideration, please send your cover letter and resume to mail@mesagas.com.

JOB POST 110613-1


4.0 QC Manager

4.1 Job Description

Provides the overall vision, strategy and direction for the Laboratory Department of MESA. Works with each laboratory associate to develop and implement strategic plans of the Laboratory Department, making sure that each associate has the resources both financially and materially to meet their goals. Motivates and trains the appropriate staff of the department. Responsible for meeting the annual laboratory budget, insuring that no “out-of-spec” raw material is accepted by MESA and insuring that no “out-of-spec” product is shipped from MESA. In conjunction with the Production Manager, has general overall responsibility for all quality related issues of MESA in the Production Department.

4.2 Prerequisite

  • Minimum of 3 years in laboratory management
  • Minimum of 5 years “hands-on” experience in the analysis of specialty gases, industrial gases or related chemicals
  • Technical degree in Chemistry or its equivalent in related industrial experience


JOB POST 110613-2

5.0 Customer Service Manager

5.1 Job Description

Responsible for quote generation of routine items, order processing and corresponding with the customer in matters related to product shipments. For international shipments, this is to include advising the customer of Ocean or Air Carrier information and expected ETA.

The Customer Service Department is to be proactive in all regards to meeting customer expectations of “on-time” delivery and order status. This includes advising the customer of anticipated late shipments before the shipment is tardy.

5.2 Prerequisite

  • Minimum of 3 years in dealing with the public at the “one-on-one” level
  • Minimum of 5 years “hands-on” experience with specialty gases or industrial gases
  • Technical degree (Chemistry) or its equivalent in related industrial experience

5.3 Communication

The Customer Service Manager communicates with the President/CEO, other management  level associates and the customer service staff concerning matters affecting MESA, its associates and customers.