Continuous Emissions Monitoring

smokestack emissions

Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM’s) refers to a system of gas analyzers and custom calibration specialty gas cylinders integrated with a data acquisition system to demonstrate environmental regulatory compliance of various air pollutants. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing precise environmental gas standards for continuous emission monitoring systems and the environmental monitoring community. Our customers' specialty gas concentrations vary from the PPB through percent levels and may be used in a variety of applications throughout the world.

Operating your business efficiently only occurs when you have the best data with which to make decisions, in a timely, low-cost manner. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides you with the most comprehensive data collection and analysis for continuous emission monitoring systems—delivered quickly in an easily installed, low total cost of ownership package. Our staff is knowledgeable of the regulations and policies of the EPA and brings a unique expertise in process engineering and emissions measurement to each of our clients seeking compliance solutions.

From initial environmental field analysis and assessment to the more common stack emissions monitoring applications, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides experience and innovative manufacturing techniques to our customers’ unique demands. In addition, MESA centralizes the manufacturing process to maintain tight control to ensure critical specialty gas standards are not delayed.  Whether operating a facility on site or remotely in the field, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment offers over 100 different cylinder options, from very light transportable cylinders through large refillable cylinders in both steel and aluminum to fulfill your unique requirements.