Liquefied Petroleum Gas

liduid gas standards

A potential problem with liquefied petroleum gas calibration mixtures is that changes in pressure or temperature may lead to phase changes within the cylinder. When this occurs, the resulting composition will be different from the original composition. MESA, a liquefied petroleum gas standards manufacturer, uses state-of-the-art computer programs to simulate phase behavior for liquid calibration standards. MESA also recommends the most appropriate packaging for the liquefied petroleum gas mixture.

With more than 20 years' experience as a liquefied petroleum gas standards manufacturer, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment has developed a wide variety of packaging options for the petrochemical and pipeline industries. Options include transportable cylinders for easy use and storage in the laboratory wherein a dip tube is installed into a small cylinder holding as little as 100 grams of liquid under an inert gas pressure, larger cylinders for process analyzer applications equipped with dip tubes and holding up to 55 kg of liquid mixture under an inert gas pressure pad as well as piston cylinders of various capacities.

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is a leading provider of calibration liquid gas standards which have allowed our customers to efficiently monitor their production and lower costs. Our experience and innovative packaging options guarantee the accuracy of even the most complex liquid standards. Our highly precise, NIST traceable scales allow us to accurately blend our liquid standards to the highest level of conformance while assuring single phase behavior.