Specialty Gas Standards for Government Use

At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we pride ourselves on the many government projects and contracts we have cooperated since our founding in 1993. MESA specialty gas standards can be found across the country in both local and federal applications, as well as throughout our nation’s defense matrix. We pride ourselves on our efforts to assist the government in its complex calibration needs through innovative practice and expedient, consistent lead and delivery times.

Whether called upon to monitor air contaminants aboard submarines, perform hydrocarbon analysis of natural gas flow, a gas with a customized purity, a low ppm level environmental mixture, high-speed gas delivery equipment, or complex analytical support, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment can be relied upon to provide solutions that support local and regional governments. At MESA, we also work closely with our nation’s defense forces upholding contracts with all four branches of the military, and many nationally funded research and development laboratories.

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is an international leader in delivering high quality, precise custom specialty gas standards for government applications. Calibration of equipment will ensure safe operation and functionality of equipment and will also meet with the applicable regulations and codes required. MESA works closely with the agencies served, to ensure any specialty gas options required are readily available to our customers’ exact specifications.

The dedicated professionals of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment routinely provide local and federal government agencies with the leading edge products vital to sustaining their operations. As with all MESA custom specialty gas standards, custom specialty gas standards for government use are produced gravimetrically, directly traceable to NIST standards, in cylinders that have been individually passivated by our proprietary process. Whether it is providing a parts per billion multi-component standard, a complex hydrocarbon mix, a stable ppm level environmental standard, or many other unique standards, government analysts know that they can rely upon MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment.