Gas Chromatography

With more than 20 years' experience in Gas Chromatography, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides highly accurate custom specialty gas standards for calibration of gas chromatographs and detection equipment. Precision blending and manufacturing provide effective solutions to applications in the environmental, food and beverage, health and safety, forensics, petrochemical, materials testing, and academic markets.

MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment is a global provider of gas chromatography calibration standards used in a wide variety of applications. MESA provides specialty gas chromatography standards across a broad field to many market segments including laboratory, university, petrochemical, research, energy, and process management, to name a few. Using critical knowledge and innovative blending techniques, our custom specialty gas and liquid standards help drive improved results for our customers to make better decisions based on more reliable analytical results.

CG Column

Since each of our clients has their own individual compliance requirements, we offer a full line of refillable aluminum or steel cylinders for applications requiring highly accurate calibration gas standards over an extended period of time. We also offer a full line of disposable cylinders. Small portable and disposable calibration gas cylinders offer a cost-effective alternative for low calibration gas volume applications such as those found in Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety and laboratory instrument gas calibration.