Specialty Gas Products for The Utility Industry

Continuous process monitoring is of most importance to ensure safety and product quality, as well as to ensure efficiency of utility applications. MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment’s specialty gas products for the utility industry can be applied in all fields of process monitoring, from energy delivery up to waste processing and combustion analysis.

Area air quality and safety gas monitors require simple, repeatable, and economical calibration methods. The procedure should be consistent and traceable. At MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, we serve a wide range of industries through various innovative technologies and practices. Because of our unparalleled experience, we are able custom tailor a solution to your specialty gas calibration needs. Through our proprietary blending techniques, cylinder passivization method, and precision analysis, we are able to certify your custom specialty gas standards to even the most exacting specifications.

Utilities calibration gas

For many of our customers in the utility industries, calibration can be simply the daily monitoring of emissions for hydrocarbons, CO2, CO, NOx and SO2 using online process monitors. A MESA custom specialty gas product for utility industry application can be tailored for use in the field or anywhere sensors are installed, thanks to our wide range of cylinder sizes and specialty gas delivery capabilities. For more rigorous analyses to satisfy regulatory and compliance monitoring and reporting, EPA Protocol specialty gas standards are available from MESA. Through our process of uniquely customizing each specialty gas standard to our end users’ needs, calibrating instrumentation can be be simple, straightforward, and easily executed by regular personnel.


At MESA we offer an extensive range of custom specialty gas products and standards, tailored to your specific needs. MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment can keep your process analyzers operating at optimum efficiency and reliability. Our high purity gases allow you to calibrate detection limits, gauge more accurate readings, and meet critical benchmarks for monitoring production processes and calibrating instrumentation. Our custom specialty gas products for the utility industry deliver guaranteed accuracy and stability compliant with your unique specifications to simplify day-to-day operations. Your business and personnel can operate with the confidence that your detection instrumentation will always be in peak condition, consistently recording data reliably and consistently.