Calibration Gas Mixture Manufacture

MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment is the leading manufacturer of calibration gas mixtures for use in laboratory, R&D, university, and industrial analysis applicationsWe have the ability to produce custom gas mixtures.

Custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using state of the art gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation. Visit our typical mixture component page to see the most common materials available for custom specialty gas mixtures. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet your specific content requirements. See cylinder specifications to look at the most common available cylinders.

Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical stepsconsideration of chemical raw material purity as well as detailed impurity characterization; calculation of phase behavior for the calibration gas mixture; precise blending; and finally, independent confirming analysis of the final calibration gas mixture.

Before starting, requested specialty gas mixes are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advanced computer modeling. Following this, the specialty gas mixture is precisely blended to exacting specifications on highly sensitive gravimetric scales. All calibration weights are traceable to the US-NIST. Finally, the specialty gas mixture is analyzed using state-of-the-art analyzers to confirm that the blended and analyzed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications


Each step of the manufacturing process must be constantly measured and validated. At MESA, every product goes through at least seven defined stages during the manufacturing process. From raw material analysis through final mixture certification, results are measured, recorded, and then compared to strict quality control requirements based on each individual mixture. Several stages of the manufacturing process contain proprietary techniques perfected during our 30+ years' experience of specialty gas manufacturing.

What is the difference between different specialty gas manufacturers?

Many specialty gas manufactures fail to monitor these steps closely enough to provide truly accurate calibration gas standards. Raw materials are accepted and adjusted according to the provider's specification sheet. This information is frequently misstated or inaccurate. Also, sub-par raw materials are often used in the manufacturing of specialty gases. This not only compromises the accuracy of the specialty gas, but could impact critical components on your analyzer. MESA starts with high purity raw materials and carefully analyzes each pure gas for potential impurities. This ensures a quality calibration gas standard that is manufactured free of unwanted impurities.

Careful analysis of the calibration gas standard compared with multiple standards is a critical step in the specialty gas manufacturing processand this what makes us the premier manufacturer of calibration gas mixtures. Many companies may have few internal standards to inter-compare. Other companies may inter-compare with internal standards that fail to strictly optimize some of the critical phases mentioned above. The result can be an inaccurate standard confirmed by GC analysis. If both mixtures did not optimize the steps mentioned above, then the result is often a confirmed, but an inaccurate calibration gas standard is produced. At MESA, we use both internal standards and reputable 3rd party manufacturers to inter-compare our calibration gas mixtures. This is an additional quality control step to ensure a reliable calibration gas standard has been manufactured.

Cylinder preparation is another critical step often overlooked. Cylinder preparation should be based on the individual calibration gas mixture. Many manufacturers take a single approach to cylinder preparation, often resulting in less than optimal conditions for the calibration gas standard. Over the years, MESA has developed several proprietary techniques for cylinder preparation, making sure that each cylinder has been prepared to optimize the performance of your specialty gas mixture.

Filling techniques vary greatly. Commitment to quality is the engine that drives our filling techniques. MESA constantly evaluates new filling methods to determine which techniques produce the most accurate results. Our continuous evaluations of new techniques ensure that you will receive the most accurate calibration gas standards available in the market.

As a manufacturer of calibration gas mixtures, our business is to market and provide quality specialty gases, equipment, and chemicals delivered directly to and/or through our worldwide distribution partners. It is our guiding principle that only the highest quality products will be offered to our customers. We emphasize that only excellent customer service will allow our profitable growth in this highly competitive industry.