Series 600 Multi-Flow Regulator

Series 600 Regulator
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The MESA Series 600 Multi-Flow Calibration Gas Regulator is a single stage piston style regulator. All wetted parts of the calibration gas regulator are either aluminum or stainless steel. The regulator has 11 switch selectable flow settings ranging from 0.1 to 7 liters per minute. It is available with stainless steel gauge and various CGA connections. The Series 600 Multi-Flow Calibration Gas Regulator is for use with MESA's A34L, A58L, A76L, 103L and A116L cylinders, and can also be used on conventional high-pressure cylinders and lecture bottles. These regulators are recommended for both non-corrosive and corrosive gas service including Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitric Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide standards. Please contact us if you require this flow regulator with a different CGA connection.


Standard Materials of Construction

Body Options:

  • Aluminum

Spring Housing:

  • Aluminum


  • Aluminum


  • Viton


  • Kel-F 50 Micron

Inlet Fiber:

  • Stainless Steel