Series 300 Single Stage Specialty Gas Pressure Regulator

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Series 300 Single stage Specialty Gas Regulator in Anodized Aluminum is available here at MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment.


The MESA Series 300 Specialty Gas Regulator is a single stage diaphragm style regulator. The pressure control knob permits adjustment of the outlet delivery pressure. Each regulator comes with an inlet and delivery pressure gauge. These regulators are recommended for non-corrosive gas service. Due to a maximum outlet pressure of 30 PSIG, the Series 300 Single Stage Specialty Gas Regulator is available for the 17L/34L/14L/20L and 221L steel cylinders.


Standard Materials of Construction

Body Options:

  • Anodized Aluminum


  • Viton


  • Acetal


  • Viton