Press Releases

How to Choose the Right Calibration Gas

Released on July 8, 2020

Gas sensors occasionally drift from the set specifications, thus missing the acceptable tolerance targets. Calibration gases play a critical role in restoring the accuracy of the detectors through frequent and proper calibration. The International Safety Equipment Association recommends verification of sensor accuracy before each day’s use. Finding the right gas to correct the calibration drift … Read More

Accurate Process Monitoring Depends Highly On Calibration Gas

Released on June 17, 2020

Accurate process monitoring and high-quality dependable calibration gas go hand and hand. A trusted source that can deliver the calibration gases that you can depend on for your process monitoring is a must.Safety has to be a priority when you are working with gases. Process monitoring can only be as good as the calibration gases and calibration gas cylinders that you use.How Often Should You Be C … Read More

5 Crucial Tips for Handling Specialty Gases Regulators

Released on June 12, 2020

Specialty gases refer to a wide range of gases that provide calibration gas for various uses. These gases have standard handling procedures that need strict adherence. Specialty gases have high pressure that makes them difficult to use. This abnormality calls for the use of gas regulators to reduce pressure for safe handling.Irregularities witnessed while handling specialty gases are down to … Read More

Significant Hazards and Safety Precautions You Need to Know When Handling Specialty Gas

Released on June 9, 2020

With the global proliferation of calibration gas, it is vital to understand the health hazards associated with the product. Specialty gas can either be pure or a mixture of gases that is tested for purity after filling the cylinder. These gases have become essential components for myriads of industries such as semiconductors, chemicals, food, medical, environmental, biotechnology, materials proces … Read More

MESA Current Status

Released on March 16, 2020

MESA International Technologies, Inc. shall remain open as a “critical” supplier based on the product support requirements of multiple US National Labs, medical devices, military requirements, multiple city water & power, global energy companies, electrical power companies, police and fire to name a few. A recent statement from MESA’s CEO stated that “We are committed to the continuous … Read More

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment 26 Years of Safety

Released on January 1, 2020

January 1, 2019MESA’s commitment to safety shines with 26 years of incident free manufacturing. Thank you to all our employees dedicated to the safe and responsible production of specialty gases!