Units of Measurement for Specialty Gas Mixtures

Released on January 6, 2021

Calibration gas mixtures are essential for the proper calibration of many types of instruments for various industries. Without these gases, vital instruments used for medical care, gas reading, and other similar necessities would not provide accurate measurements. This means the various units of measurement used in the procuring process must be fully understood. Learn about the units of measuremen … Read More

How To Determine the Accuracy of a Calibration Gas Mixture

Released on December 14, 2020

Many important tools and equipment rely on calibration gas mixtures for their ability to provide accurate measurements. This means the calibration gas must be procured accurately as well, creating a long chain reliant on the accuracy of specific types of measurements. Learn how to determine the accuracy of a calibration gas mixture by reading below. Preparation Tolerance Preparation tolerance, als … Read More

Single and Dual-Stage Gas Regulation

Released on December 2, 2020

When working with gas product cylinders, there are many helpful pieces of equipment to ensure the process is as safe as possible. If you’re trying to reduce cylinder pressure to a proper working level for special instruments and operating equipment, pressure reduction regulators are the safest way to go. There are two types of regulators used for this kind of task—single-stage and dual-stage. Lear … Read More

The Key Forces of High-Pressure Gas Regulators

Released on November 17, 2020

Inside a gas regulator, there are three important features: a loading mechanism, control element, and sensing element. These three parts work together to help regulate gas at various pressures. When high pressure is involved in the process, there are three key forces to take into account. The forces are inlet pressure force, outlet pressure force, and loading mechanism force. Here is more informat … Read More

Controlling Calibration Gas Flow and Pressure

Released on November 3, 2020

Calibration gases are used by professionals in the medical industry, technical services, manufacturing, and even hospitality. They are common and need to be used correctly to be effective and safe. That especially applies to monitoring the gas’ flow and pressure. If you’re in an industry that uses instruments that need calibration, it’s important that you know about controlling calibration gas … Read More

What To Know About EPA Protocol Gases

Released on October 19, 2020

EPA Protocol Gases are defined by the EPA as “compressed gases used to calibrate air pollution monitors for consistent and reliable monitoring.” The EPA has specific regulations on these gases in order to protect the environment while allowing companies to use the energy they need. Here’s what to know about EPA protocol gases.Why Do Companies Need EPA Protocol Gases? EPA protocol gases are us … Read More