Single vs. Two-Stage Gas Regulators: What’s the Difference?

Released on June 22, 2023

There are many components that industries use to handle gases. However, when it comes to scientific gas regulators, it’s crucial to understand the differences between single-stage and two-stage regulators. The efficient operations of these devices can impact the overall performance and quality of various industrial processes. This guide will provide insights into the main distinctions between sing … Read More

Top Uses of High-Purity Gases in Laboratories

Released on June 7, 2023

High-purity gases and specialty gas mixtures are very important in most laboratories and greatly enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of analytical and experimental procedures. With the advancements in modern technologies and instrumentation, the demands for these gases have grown significantly across many industries. We will explore some of the top uses of high-purity gases in labora … Read More

Do Calibration Gases Expire? What You Should Know

Released on May 17, 2023

If your company regularly deals with gases, there’s a good chance you have gas monitors set up to warn you of potential gas leaks. However, if these monitors aren’t accurate, they won’t be able to detect if there’s a problem.This is why many industrial companies use disposable calibration gas. With this type of gas, you can calibrate your monitors to ensure they remain precise at all times, but do … Read More

How Often Should You Replace Your Specialty Gas Regulator?

Released on May 4, 2023

No matter what kind of gas you handle, you need a regulator that can help dissipate it into a lower-pressure environment if it’s stored in a high-pressure tank or cylinder. Due to how difficult this process is, gas regulators won’t last forever, especially ones made specifically for calibration gases.That’s why you need to know how often you should replace your specialty gas regulators. In this po … Read More

How Calibration Gases Improve Workplace Safety

Released on April 21, 2023

Industrial companies use many different types of gases throughout their business. While all of these gases have their own level of importance, one of the most overlooked types is calibration gas mixtures. Even though you only use these gases to calibrate your equipment, failing to do so properly can lead to catastrophic results. If you’re not sure why that is, this guide covering how calibration g … Read More

The Basics of Gas Chromatography Calibration

Released on April 5, 2023

For those who don’t already know, gas chromatography (GC) is a method for separating the compounds of a mixture using a gas or liquid. The goal is to verify the quality of the tested substance matches the company’s minimum standards. In most cases, this process is necessary only in specific industries like lab work and research and development. The semiconductor industry also uses this process.How … Read More