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What’s the Difference Between Natural and Specialty Gases?

MESA Gas - February 7, 2023

As most people know, many kinds of gases exist on this planet, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Where we find them or how we use them can change the name of the type of gases they are. While there are many types of gases, we will focus on natural and specialty gases. In this post, we’ll cover what these gases are and their key difference. That way, there will be less confusion for those new to the gas industry.

Natural Gases

As the name implies, natural gases are found within the Earth, also known as fossil fuels. Most people use natural gases for everyday conveniences like heating and electricity. These gases also make up most fuels for vehicles and heavy machinery. In general, natural gas is mostly methane.

It can also contain many other gases, such as nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Before companies sell this fuel to other businesses, they take the time to remove these other elements and typically sell them for other purposes. This process isn’t perfect, but it makes the natural gas pure enough for general use.

Specialty Gases

In many cases, the elements that make up specialty gases are very similar to the ones in natural gas. The main difference is the level of purity. Specialty gases have to be of the highest purity possible because companies use them to measure the quality of other gases in their work processes. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are some of the more abundant gases that turn into specialty gases. You could turn any number of elements into a specialty gas if needed.

Which You Should Use

Most industries require natural gas for their needs. However, if gas purity is vitally important for your operations, specialty gases are the way to go. If these are the types of gases you need, you’ve come to the right place!

Mesa Gas is one of the leading specialty gas companies in this field. We never compromise the quality of our gases. We understand that pure gas is extremely important for some operations, so we do our best to provide our customers with a level of purity that’s unmatched by most other gas companies.