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What Makes Specialty Gases Special? Key Things To Know

MESA Gas - March 10, 2023

Companies across many industries use gases for various applications. Sometimes, they fuel machines, while other industries use particular gases to keep people alive. Regardless of their purpose, businesses can use many types of gases.

One of the least understood types is specialty gases. Their usage is fairly niche, which is why they’re not well-known. Still, their name leaves many to wonder what makes them so special. In this brief guide, we’ll review the key things you should know about specialty gases.

What Makes Them Different

Businesses in many industries need specific gases or combinations of gases to run processes throughout their facility. Typically, these gases should be pure in order to ensure nothing malfunctions. However, pure gas is nearly impossible to acquire. While companies that package custom gas mixtures can get really close to pure gas, none actually reach it.

Something that’s close enough is fine for many companies, but some industries require gases that are as close to perfect as possible. That’s when they’ll turn to specialty gases. While these gases still don’t reach complete purity, they get as close as possible. Companies measure these gases in parts per billion because of how close they get to true purity.

Why They Aren’t Common

This doesn’t explain why more companies don’t spring for the purest gases on the market. The main reason is due to the lack of availability. That’s not to say there’s a shortage of specialty gases. The reason for this lack of supply comes down to how difficult it is to make these gases. The manufacturing process can take as long as two to three weeks, significantly reducing the amount that one company can make.

The packaging process isn’t simple. Most companies receive their gases via pipelines or tanker trucks. Both methods are great for moving large quantities of gas but aren’t the best for preventing contamination. Because of that, companies must transport specialty custom gas mixtures in smaller gas tanks and cylinders made from high-quality materials that won’t ruin the purity of the gas inside.

Where You Can Get Yours

It should start to make a lot more sense as to what makes specialty gases so special. Their purity is unmatched and very difficult to replicate on a large scale. However, you’ll need to find a trusted specialty gas supplier that can make them according to your specifications if your company needs the purest gas or combinations of gases possible.

Mesa Gas can do this for you. We specialize in custom gas mixtures that will fulfill any requirement you need, no matter the industry. We’re positive you’ll be satisfied with our end product.