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3 Tips for Choosing Custom Cylinders for Calibration Gases

MESA Gas - July 11, 2023

Ensuring the reliability and accuracy of your gas supply equipment is critical. The cylinders that hold calibration gases are essential for maintaining gas measurements. To help you make an informed decision for your business, we’ll discuss some useful tips for choosing custom cylinders for your calibration gases.

Select the Best Materials for Your Cylinder

The material composition of calibration gas canisters is a key factor to consider. The same applies to cylinders. Gases have varying levels of reactivity, and the materials comprising your cylinder should be compatible with the calibration gas you plan to use.

Common materials for calibration gas cylinders include stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel cylinders have high resistance to corrosion and are suitable for most gases. Aluminum cylinders are lightweight, making them ideal for portable applications. However, they may not be appropriate for highly reactive gases due to possible chemical reactions with the cylinder wall. Consult the manufacturer or your gas supplier for guidance on the best material option.

Determine the Proper Cylinder Size Based on Your Needs

Calibration gas cylinders come in various sizes, allowing you to tailor this calibration gas canister to your requirements. When selecting the right cylinder size, consider your consumption rate, the frequency of calibration, and the storage space available.

Remember that bigger is not always better. Choosing a cylinder with too much gas capacity may lead to expired calibration gases, affecting the accuracy of your measurements. Conversely, an undersized cylinder might require frequent replacement, causing downtime and additional costs. Determine your usage patterns, and select a customized cylinder size accordingly.

Ensure Quality and Compliance With Regulatory Standards

The quality of calibration gas cylinders depends on the manufacturing process and adherence to stringent standards. That’s why the most important tip for choosing custom cylinders for your calibration gas is to focus on quality. When selecting a calibration gas canister for your calibration gases, ensure your supplier meets the required industry certifications to guarantee the product’s safety, accuracy, and reliability.

Documentation and traceability of the calibration gases should be available, providing the necessary gas certifications and data sheets to support regulatory compliance. Insist on receiving this documentation, and verify that your supplier implements consistent quality control measures.