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Compression Gas Safety Hazards To Be Aware Of

MESA Gas - August 24, 2021

No matter what level of caution you take when dealing with compressed gases, hazards are always present. Anything could happen at any time, which is why most cylinders with compressed elements contain hazard placards so the public can be aware. These are some of the compression gas safety hazards to be aware of whenever you encounter any kind of compressed gas or cylinder.

Gas Exposure and Air Displacement

Whenever you’re handling or within proximity of gas supply equipment, you must be aware of the air quality. Untrained and unqualified civilians can’t simply walk up to a gas cylinder to check the gas pressure or to check for leaks. So, if you observe anything out of the ordinary such as odd smells, fizzing sounds, or gas leaks, alert the authorities or the person handling the equipment.

Fire Hazards and Potential Explosions

Anytime there’s compressed air or gas, there’s always the potential for fire. The air acts as a catalyst for fires to burn materials with extreme airflow, which can drive up the heat. Second, it’s equally important that we remain aware that gases of any kind are fuels for burning fires. They act as bombs whenever they’re introduced to extreme heat and friction.

Physical Threats That Could Be Posed

Physical threats can harm the cylinder holding the gas. If it falls on its side and suddenly loses its seal or regulator, then it could shoot off like a missile, potentially harming or killing anyone within its reach. So, this should always be on the back of people’s minds whenever they’re around tanks—whether they are transporting them, loading them, or simply civilians who bypass them.

In many cases, gases can cause major harm if not properly stored and managed. It’s extremely important that we educate ourselves about the potential harm these gases and their containers can cause. We hope this article covering compression gas safety hazards and what to be aware of was helpful to you.