Ethyl Chloride Product Description

MESA Supplies Ethyl Chloride available for export outside North America to the international community in cylinders up to 800 lbs. 

Ethyl chloride is a flammable gas at normal temperature and pressure.  It is a slightly irritating gas with a pungent, ether order.  When introduced to a flame, ethyl chloride tends to burn with a green tint.  Significant amounts of smoke accompany this green flame.  It is soluble in water and miscible in alcohol and ether.

Uses of ethyl chloride

Ethyl chloride has been used as a starting point in the production of tetraethyl lead.  Tetraethyl lead is used as an additive in gasoline to improve engine efficiency.  Ethyl chloride is also used as a refrigerant, solvent and alkylating agent (HSDB, 1995).  The medical field employs ethyl chloride as a topical anesthetic.  Because many of these uses have been phased out in developed nations, the demand for ethyl chloride has dropped of significantly over the last few decades.
One of the final wide-spread uses for ethyl chloride is treating cellulose to manufacture ethylcellulose.  Ethylcellulose is used to thicken paint and to improve the bonding of paints and other products during the application process.

SYNONYM(s): Chloroethane; Monochloroethane; Hydrochloric ether; Muriatic ether

DOT: UN1037 Flammable Gas (2.1)

Colorless liquid or gas with a pungent, ether-like odor.
MW: 65
BP: 54 F
VP: 1064 mm
MP: -218 F
Exposure Limits
OSHA GENERAL INDUSTRY PEL: 1000 ppm, 2600 mg/m3



Ethyl Chloride Product Specifications



Grade & Purity
Cylinder Size Contents

Minimum purity 99.9%
(liquid phase)110 LP1 95 lbs
88.5 KG5 psi

Minimum purity 99.9%
(liquid phase)216 LP 390 lbs
177 KG5 psi

Minimum purity 99.9%
(liquid phase)454 LP 800 lbs
363 KG5 psi



Ethyl Chloride, Wt. %99.9
Appearance Clear
Color, APHA < 20
Acidity, as HCl, ppmw < 10
Nonvolatile Matter, ppmw < 10
Water, ppmw < 100


Ethyl Chloride, min99.9%+
Appearance Clear
Color, APHA < 5
Acidity, as HCl, ppmw < 1
Nonvolatile Matter, ppmw < 1
Water, ppmw <  96