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What Is a Calibration Gas Cylinder?

May 10, 2021

Gases are all around us, invisible in the atmosphere. Yet, there are ways to collect, purify, and distribute gases for industrial and medical purposes. However, these gases must travel all the way to the facility for use. So, what is a calibration gas cylinder?

Calibration Gas at Its Finest

To start, it is helpful to understand what calibration gas is. Calibration gas is a specialized concoction of gases designed for an analytical instrument to measure. Many devices in industrial plants utilize gas sensors to ensure environmental health and production efficiency. If a device that reads the gas volume output from a smokestack cannot tell the exact amount of carbon dioxide flowing into the atmosphere, a plant manager may have problems regulating pollutants.

So, calibration gas makers like the team at Mesa Gas create an exact mixture of gases that the machine can sense. Since the technicians will know how much carbon dioxide is in the calibration gas, they know what their sensors should read. Any readings that don’t align with this predetermined number help technicians adjust their sensors for the deficit.

Gas Cylinders and Canisters

Once a specialty gas producer completes their mixing and crafting, it is time for distribution. Specialists then feed the gases from the mixing machine into a calibration gas canister. These canisters come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even disposable. Depending on the gas and the volume needed, these canisters may come with carrying cases and devalving tools, too.

Transportation and Distribution

Workers then load the prepped and filled gas cylinders onto a truck for transportation to the client. The perfectly enclosed gas canisters are highly pressurized, meaning they need delicate transfer and care. While many specialty gases are not at risk for combustion, it is best to overestimate volatility during travel. To avoid such hazards, trucks must carry the cylinders in an upright position in a separate compartment from the driver.

Suppose a customer or colleague asks you, “What is a calibration gas cylinder?” Now, you will have a quick answer on hand. If you need specialty gas services, our team at Mesa Gas is ready to help. Reach out to us today, and we can craft exactly the mix you need to calibrate your devices.