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Units of Measurement for Specialty Gas Mixtures

January 6, 2021

Calibration gas mixtures are essential for the proper calibration of many types of instruments for various industries. Without these gases, vital instruments used for medical care, gas reading, and other similar necessities would not provide accurate measurements. This means the various units of measurement used in the procuring process must be fully understood. Learn about the units of measurement for specialty gas mixtures by reading below.


A mole is a unit of measurement for the amount of a substance based on its molar mass. Its abbreviation is mol. Molar mass, or molecular weight, is the weight of a single particle in its initial form. That is why moles are often used when measuring large quantities of tiny entities such as atoms, molecules, or other particles. When it comes to gas mixtures, mole fractions are important to observe. The mole fraction is the ratio of the number of moles in one of the gases to the total number of moles in the gas mixture. With the mole fraction, one can find the partial pressure of a gas mixture by multiplying the fraction by the total pressure.

Grams, Kilograms, and Milligrams

Grams, kilograms, and milligrams are other units of measurement for specialty gas mixtures. Like moles, they measure mixtures prepared gravimetrically by weight. The benefit of using grams and the like is that no calculations are needed to weigh each component and create ratios.


Volume is used to measure the amount of space a substance takes up, whether it be a liquid, gas, or solid. When preparing gas mixtures, each individual gas will occupy a certain amount of space at specific pressures and temperatures. While that can make the measurement less accurate than if calculated using moles and grams, manufacturers have found ways to make it more consistent. Each gas mixture is sold with Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) regulations. When workers test and observe the gas mixtures, they know which specific pressure and temperature to keep the mixture at to ensure more accurate results.

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