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Top Industries That Use Gas Calibration and Their Applications

MESA Gas - August 12, 2021

Specialty gases are a commodity among many global industries that use them for different applications. Such companies have a wide range of uses that contribute to most industrial, medical, and scientific markets. Without specialty gases, most of the economy would halt since they hold such a high profile in business and economics. Here are the top industries that use gas calibration and their applications for those who are interested to know.

Top Industries Who Use Them

Air Liquide S.A. is one of the top competitors in specialty gas use. They supply to the medical, chemical, and electrical manufacturing industries. Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group is the second runner-up as a top leader.

They supply industrial gases to related equipment application services. Linde PLC is the world’s largest industrial gas supplier. They supply mainly to the European Union but also branch out to the world.

And finally, Air Products and Chemicals Inc. has a special portfolio that showcases their availability for specialty gas, their products, services, and even equipment.

The Application of Specialty Gases

Specialty gases have many applications. In the automotive industry, specialty gases are used for special calibration to allow fuel consumption, minimize emissions, and overall performance of automobiles. Within the Petroleum and Chemical industries, they’re used for chemical manufacturing solely, which have an abundance of applications in just about every industry that exists.

Finally, in the electronics and semi-conductor fields, specialty gases provide layers and higher conductivity to semi-conductor chips to generate more electricity to power the grid worldwide.

Other Industries That Use Specialty Gases

Other industries not mentioned above also use specialty gases quite often, such as the industries of smelting of steel and non-ferrous metals. Other industries include biochemical, environmental, medical, and thermal engineering.

Specialty gases have multiple applications; they’re even linked to consumers and giant producers without which we’d be unable to function. So, whether we realize it or not, specialty gases are a part of our everyday lives.

These have been a list of the top industries that use calibration gases and their applications so now you can know where you’re resourcing your gas and how it’s being used.