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Most Common Mistakes Made in Gas Monitoring

MESA Gas - March 8, 2021

Gas monitoring is one of the most crucial duties an employee has when they work around specialty gases. If done right, equipment and the work environment remain safe and effective. If it’s done wrong, however, it can create a hazardous workplace, and equipment will not last as long, costing your company money. Be sure to train your employees well to avoid these most common mistakes made in gas monitoring.

Incorrect Assessment of Gas Types

Not knowing the different types of gases is one of the most common mistakes made in gas monitoring. Gas monitoring employees need to know the differences between gases, the potential risks of each gas, and what to do if harmful gases are present. If they incorrectly assess a gas, they may combine it with another gas and create an even bigger hazard. It’s important that your employees are trained in gas assessment and detection.

Failure To Follow Safety Plans

The assessment of gas types goes hand-in-hand with safety plans. The employee must first know about the gas itself, but—more importantly—they must know what the safety plan is for when they detect a certain gas. Be sure that employees are well-trained in safety protocols. They should know exactly what to do when an alarm sounds. Furthermore, they should act quickly and communicate errors. The culture of your company should endorse workers who come forward to discuss gas monitoring alarm issues. Those conversations can have life-saving effects in the long run.

Putting off Routine Tests and Maintenance

Routine bump tests and general maintenance procedures are vital to gas detection systems. If you avoid general maintenance and put off bump tests, your equipment can become weak and even unsafe. Therefore, regular calibration is necessary, as it ensures your sensors are working correctly. Bump tests verify that the monitor alarms sound expeditiously. When it comes to tests and maintenance, it’s also important that you adequately trained employees on each protocol.

Successful monitoring of gas begins with quality gas supply equipment. Visit Mesa Gas for the best products that can make your company’s gas detection process more efficient.