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Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Specialty Gases

MESA Gas - October 21, 2021

No matter how tightly you run the operations of your business, minor things will slip through the cracks. If your business uses specialty gases, minor slip-ups can have dire consequences. While achieving perfection isn’t possible, knowing which mistakes to avoid when ordering specialty gases will help ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Failing To Order Before You’re Out

Like any consumable resource, running out and buying more is a common hurdle you have to jump. That’s why you need employees who’re on top of things. They must know when you need more gas and make sure it gets there on time. Failing to do this will lead to massive delays in your company’s output, causing you to miss deadlines and lose out on profits.

Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier to know when you’re running low on gas. Our specialty gas company offers more than the various gases your company needs. We also have a wide selection of detection and monitoring equipment so the people in charge will know when they’re running low.

Ordering the Incorrect Gas

Ordering the wrong gas is another problem that can lead to significant delays. It’s an uncommon mistake that results in heavy consequences. If employees didn’t realize the shipment was wrong, they could attach the wrong gas to the vacant system. The best-case scenario is you waste the gas. On the other hand, the worst-case could potentially cause an explosion or some other horrific accident.

Not Thoroughly Checking New Shipment Upon Arrival

You must train your employees well regarding the process of collecting and installing new gas canisters. Even if your company orders the right thing, mix-ups can occur during the delivery, and the same problem we mentioned above can happen.

If the shipment gets dented or scratched in transit or there was an imperfection in the canister upon its creation, it could leak. Leaks could cause the canister to be totally empty upon arrival, or its toxic gas can leak into your work environment.

Failing To Purge System Beforehand

The last mistake to avoid when ordering specialty gases is not adequately preparing the location where the gas will go. If you have a vacant system, purge it before connecting up a new canister. Environmental impurities can form inside, which, depending on the gas that will be hooked up to it, can cause a negative reaction.

If the system previously housed a different type of gas, remnants could be within the system that could react with the newly introduced gas, causing further complications.