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How To Store Calibration Gas Canisters

MESA Gas - September 8, 2021

There are multiple levels of safety hazards that go along with using and storing calibration gas canisters. From the gases inside them to the pressure they are under, calibrated gas canisters pose a health and safety risk for those caught in the way of a canister that is not secured properly. In this article, we will discuss how to store calibration gas canisters so that you can take the correct procedures when storing calibrated gas.

Keep in a Controlled Environment

When talking about calibrated gas systems, it is important to know the function of these gases and what they are used for. Depending on the gas and the pressure system, the canisters will need to remain in a controlled environment. This means keeping them in an environment where they are safe from tampering and chilled to a certain degree to keep the canisters pressurized. The last thing you want is for the gases to release while in transit or storage.

Keep Properly Secured

Having gas canisters in proximity to one another means there is an incredible amount of pressure that could potentially harm someone if the canisters are not secured properly. This harm could come from the canister becoming a projectile or from the gases themselves, which could prove to be harmful to humans, depending on what gas was being contained.

Keep Out of Passageways

The last place pressurized calibration gas canisters should be is out in the open. If canisters are left in passageways or doorways, they could become very problematic. First, they could crowd the doorway and make it impossible to enter or exit the area, which would be a serious fire hazard. This would also be dangerous because anything could happen at any time, potentially knocking into the canisters and disrupting their pressure. Any time that the canisters are not in their designated area, they pose a risk to the building itself and anyone within it.

For these reasons, it’s important to know how to store calibration gas canisters regardless of where they are. Calibrated gas is tricky in that there are many layers to storing their canisters due to their design and purpose. So, knowing how to do this properly is of the utmost importance when handling and storing calibrated gas.