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How Calibration Gases Improve Workplace Safety

MESA Gas - April 21, 2023

Industrial companies use many different types of gases throughout their business. While all of these gases have their own level of importance, one of the most overlooked types is calibration gas mixtures. Even though you only use these gases to calibrate your equipment, failing to do so properly can lead to catastrophic results. If you’re not sure why that is, this guide covering how calibration gases improve workplace safety is here to help.

Protects the Employees

If your gas detection equipment isn’t up to par, employees might be working in an unsafe working environment and not even know it. While not all gases are harmful to breathe, many can be.

If your detectors don’t catch a leak, workers could end up breathing in toxic fumes. This will lead to many employees getting sick and filing potential lawsuits. Using custom calibration gas mixtures will help ensure this problem never happens.

Safeguards Work Areas

Even if your business doesn’t use gases that are dangerous for people to breathe, the gases could still potentially cause harm to the workplace environment. Many industrial gases are prone to igniting when near an open flame. Processes that use ignitable gases and fire could quickly become major workplace hazards if there’s a leak. Testing your detection equipment with the right calibration gases will help prevent this.

Even if gases aren’t ignitable, they could still harm your industrial machinery over time. Some gases can deteriorate or corrode metal over time. If you have an undetected leak, your heavy machinery will slowly break down without you realizing it.

Stops Poor Production Results

The final way calibration gases can improve workplace safety is by ensuring your production results remain high-quality. In many businesses, gases are a crucial component of product creation. If the gases you use aren’t up to industry standards, your quality will plummet.

What’s worse than a poor product, though, is an unsafe one. If the gases reach unstable levels, your products could cause an adverse reaction during the creation process, leading to dangerous working conditions in extreme cases.

In order to make sure your company has all the calibration gases it needs to safeguard the workplace, come to Mesa Gas. We have all the custom calibration gas mixtures you’ll need to check your detection equipment regularly and thoroughly. This is the best way to avoid troublesome workplace accidents.