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Determining the Mixture of Your Calibration Gas

MESA Gas - November 9, 2021

It’s not easy to tell what’s inside of a calibration gas container simply by looking at it. Whether you’re examining it to check the accuracy of your gas blend or trying to guess what’s in an unlabeled canister, determining the mixture of your calibration gas isn’t simple. That’s why we’ve made this guide to help you out.

Looking for Context Clues

Fortunately, you can sometimes determine what the mixture of your gas is without checking it. For example, if you have a mislabeled canister—or if it’s missing a label entirely—check what all of your other canisters are identified as. Then, compare them with the order receipt to figure out which is “missing.” While this solution won’t always work, it saves you from needing to grab the tools necessary to check what’s inside.

Use a Gas Detector or Monitor

You need to have the proper tools to check the contents of a container. That’s where gas detectors and monitors come into play. Get ones that hook up directly to the canister. That way, you can safely let a little bit out without it escaping and spreading through your place of employment. This should help you not only in determining the mixture of your calibration gas but also in its overall accuracy.

What To Do If Your Canisters Are Constantly Wrong

However, if either of these becomes a regular issue that you have to deal with, the root of the problem might lie with your supplier. Getting calibration gas mixtures just right isn’t as easy as one would think. That’s why you need to come to us. We’re pros in this field and have a wide selection of gases and equipment for you to choose from. Incorrect or mislabeled mixtures will be the least of your worries when coming to us for your calibration gas needs.