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CEM Regulations for Specialty Gas Suppliers

June 11, 2021

CEM stands for continuous emissions monitoring, and it is a crucial part of industrial work across the nation. Industrial facilities emit enormous volumes of exhaust into the atmosphere, and the Environmental Protection Agency monitors the air that passes through the smokestacks. So, CEM standards help companies run their facilities well and preserve the natural environment. Here is a brief summary of the CEM regulations for specialty gas suppliers.

Utilize a Zero Gas

Industrial facilities utilize EPA protocol gases to calibrate air pollution monitors, which ensures consistent analysis of exhaust. However, these gases must also be zero gases to set monitors at the proper levels before daily use. A zero gas is a pure gas or precisely mixed gas that a detector can read. Since technicians know the contents of a zero gas cylinder, they can tell if the monitors are accurate in their readings.

A Quick Example

Suppose a technician conducting stack measurements uses a cylinder of pure nitrogen as a calibrating zero gas. If the monitor gives a reading including other gases or a low percentage of nitrogen, the technician knows the machine is off and needs recalibration. The zero gas also helps technicians see exactly how far a device is from the known quantity, giving them detailed data to work with when fixing a machine.

Report Monitoring Data

CEM regulations relate to the quality of the gas and to the way companies use that information. A monitored smokestack that does not report its data helps no one and keeps the EPA in the dark. Anyone using specialty gases to test their systems must report their device accuracy along with the continuous data the monitors record. Without this information, the EPA and the company itself cannot preserve their work product and protect the environment.

Knowing the CEM regulations for specialty gas suppliers guides technicians to maximize their zero gas use. If you need zero gas calibration, our team of specialty gas suppliers at Mesa Gas is ready to help.